Vlisco Dutch Wax Prints since 1846

Vlisco is on Facebook and Twitter, and on YouTube ! They have a Squidoo and here’s their flickr, their Timeline, showcasing their fabrics and accessories … Not Bad for the “old guy”. The Dutch company has been around since 1846!

Vlisco is an Old Company boldly Embracing Modern technology… without losing site of their core values!
Above is their You Tube ad campaign… The Partner with creatives… and openly share their Look books images and video

Vlisco, the True Original
Since 1846 Vlisco has been designing and producing colorful fashion fabrics that form an essential part of the lively West and Central African culture. Vlisco has an innate sense of the expressive and creative strength of African consumers and, for generations, has succeeded in surprising and inspiring her passionate clientele with unique designs. As the sole authentic designer and manufacturer of such fabrics as ‘Wax Hollandais’, Vlisco is unparalleled when it comes to quality, professional skill and innovation.

Their focus is

“aimed at enabling well-to-do African women to experience the brand in all her facets and to maintain the leading position, not only in the area of design, but also in terms of total brand orientation. Developments take place at neck-breaking speed in Africa and Vlisco aspires to inspire and gain the loyalty of younger generations as well. Innovation is therefore an essential element within the company.In keeping with this, a new collection is launched every quarter, featuring a specific theme in which international trends in a variety of areas are translated into distinctive Vlisco designs.

Furthermore, every quarter a new Vlisco fashion and accessories collection is launched in the four Vlisco Boutiques in Africa. The clothing lines serve largely as a source of inspiration for consumers, who often have their clothing made by a personal tailor. With a complete line of bags, shoes and jewelery, women can clothe themselves in Vlisco from head to toe.”

What’s interesting is the company approach to supporting the local tailors rather than trying to gain that market share! They understand that the collections are will be copied by local tailors and one can say go out of their way to support this process! Instaed the provide accessories to complement or “MATCH” the looks! Speak about understanding your consumers!

About Dazzling Graphics’: Colorful black & white

The intersection of Bold Graphics in Black and white and equally Bold Color.. that’s the simplest way to describe the prints!

The company describes it as a

“graphic statement of outspoken silhouettes exemplifies the new ‘Dazzling Graphics’ fabric collection from Vlisco. In-focus outlines and an edgy sharpness create a trompe l’oeil effect of movement. Distinct forms bedazzle the mind and set a psychedelic mood. Overwhelming, vivid colors further emphasize the interplay of black and white, creating a shock in design. Dazzling curves combine with psychedelic circles and an abundance of block shapes, together transforming into new shapes”.

It is however the Bold daring silhouettes that continually attract and is developing a loyal following! On this side of the Atlantic Not much is known about the fashion’s creators teh official video list the following credits

Creative concept: Vlisco. In co-operation with: Production: Production Story– Photography: Fritz Kok — Art direction: Anneke Krull — Dresses: Vlisco & Deux d’Amsterdam a costume and entertainment company! Check out their sites!


I have to admit they are Very personal reasons I do not use These fabrics…

I love the prints but I’ve never really enjoyed th e “hand” of the fabric, much too stiff…. they get better with washing over time…

since I wash old enough to realize that The “African prints’ were in fact Dutch… I ‘ve had a personal protest! I’ve grown older but no, I think that it’s time we started as creatives, we started designing our own fabrics!

Yes these are extremely talented creatives! I love their work and spent some time on their sites… but this I’ve always wondered who th e designers were … They are statement pieces… I assumed they were leading African designers and they may have been in the Past!

A lot of fuss is made about the lack of “black models, but Blacks in fashion extend beyond the models, their are th e art directors, the stylist, the fabric and textile designers, Photographers! It just always strikes me (even as a Kid) as Ironic that the only ” African” in the process seem to be the models or the people wearing them! From what I know of these fabrics, they are are sold in 6yds pieces and are predominantly used by African across the globe! I believe designers should be designing their own fabrics!

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